Property Overview
  • Price : ₺ 1.589.300
  • Location : Eyup
  • Type : 55
  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Floors : 15
  • Built area : 167 m²
  • Pool : Indoor And Autdoor
  • Ref : KA-503
Location Details

The Eyüp Sultan is a great area located in the Gulf (Halic) directly on the shores the area holds many historical architectural scenes such as the Sultan Eyup Mosque continues to draw tourists visiting Istanbul, as well as larger numbers of Turkish religious pilgrims. At Friday prayer and throughout Ramadan, the area is full of visitors from all over the city. In recent years, a thriving market has grown around the mosque selling prayer mats, beads, dates from Saudi Arabia, scented oils, Islamic books, recordings of Koran recitation, and other items. On Fridays, a marching band plays Ottoman military music, mehter, giving the area around the mosque a carnival atmosphere with great shops and a wide range of restaurants and cafes. In addition, Eyup is thought to be in the center of Istanbul with accusable transportation to the whole city.

Distance to Downtown:  8.50 km
Distance to Airport:  37.00 km
Distance to Beach:  1.50 km

Property Description

With location, proximity to the city, green areas, social facilities and architecture.

With a total of 110.000 m2 landscape area,  was designed with a concept of peace with nature at the top of a 50-acre grove with university education area, street concept bazaar, two schools, two mosques, green areas, outdoor swimming pools, reflection pools and pond area.

Our Residences redefine comfort with flawless details integrating with architecture, carefully selected materials with a unique design.

Located on the TEM motorway, at Alibeyköy junction, is only 7 km from Istanbul's major business and leisure centers such as Büyükdere Street and Maslak. which is on the intersection point of both existing and scheduled giant transportation projects steps forward with its unique location with direct access link to the 3rd Airport and on the European Side starting point of the 3 Decked Great Istanbul Tunnel.

designed with high living standards, perfect comfort and aesthetics which consists of 17 different blocks and 2 districts.

Nearly 50 different types of 2.288 apartments have beed developed to suit your needs.

On the ground floor, the garden apartments takes their energy from the nature. Living on the upper floors offers city, pond and forest view.

A breathing, free, verdant life full of all of the beauties of nature is waiting for you in  50% of which consists of green areas.

All the houses in  have magnificent pond, nature and city views.  offers a life in peace with its rich vegetation in harmony with the climate of the area and pure pond.

Social areas such as basketball and football areas, tennis courts, swimming pools have been placed in a spot that dominates the valley. Problem free transport facilities are provided with inclined paths and elevators for accessing the landscape within the estate. awaits you with the redefined comfort with a unique application.

If you wish, you can taste a fruit you will take right from the branch of a tree in a verdant garden, or grow your own tomatoes.

where earth, water and green meets the sun, you will enjoy sporting outdoors and make a new start for a healthy and fit life.

Entertaining safely and freely in the nature and opening new horizons in their imagination will be each a unique gift for your children, your most valuable beings.


Children’s Playgrounds ,Tree Houses,Thematic Playground,Sand Pool

Climbing Wall,Kids Club,Balance Course,American Indian Tents, Playing Cave

Property Facilities
  • SPA
  • GYM
  • Kinder Garden
  • Shopping Malls
  • Public Transportation
  • Security
  • Parking

Property Tags
  • Luxury
  • City
  • Lake
  • Investment
  • Modern
  • Smart Home
  • New Home
Special Offers
  • Developer Guarantee
  • Turkish Citizenship


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