Franchising is a long-term concession arising out of the concession granted to the second party by the franchisee to provide commercial and business information and support (* know-how) regarding the management and organization of the business within a certain period of time and limitations. is the whole of a continuous business relationship. Franchising is a contractual relationship between two independent parties. Franchising started in the United States, where the system was created and first applied. There are about 60 business lines working with this system. Among them; Automobile Rental, Car Service Products, Business Assistance Services, Business Tools, Clothing & Shoes, Building Decoration, Computers, Cosmetics, Retail Shopping Stores, Education, Food, Health Care Products, Household Appliances, Dry Cleaning, Fast-Food, Hotel Management and Fast Food etc . There are sectors. Especially in the service sector diversification is increasing rapidly. The term "concession" means the Franchise, an English word. The word "franchising franchise" is derived from the word franchise, which is French "Affanchir". Franchisor; the product, service or knowledge and their tried, quality proven and successful brand, have a name and their distribution or operating rights for the provision of a certain price. Franchisor is the founder and long-term preservationist of the franchising system consisting of himself and his individual franchisees. Franchisee; The right and the obligation of Franchisor to use the business name and / or service mark, know-how and use of the technical methods, system and other industrial and / or intellectual property rights in exchange for a direct or indirect goods The Franchise Agreement undertakes the commercial and technical support to be received continuously within the scope and duration. The price paid by Franchisee to Franchisor; An initial fee paid in return for the right to use the name, brand or system consists of "Franchisee Fee" and the annual fees and profits, "Royalty" from the fees paid in percentage, in rates determined in the agreement.

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