KA Invest Co. business model follows that of an international managed investment trust. The investment selection process seeks to identify well managed companies and persons of all sizes.

KA Invest Co., acting with the principle of strong investment management and the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, has succeeded in becoming a reliable and growing company.

KA Invest Co., working with the best professionals specializing in the field, using modern and reliable technologies, realizes successful investments and produces profitable projects and benefits at maximum. Our investments, which we have implemented with an excellently understanding, pay attention to the profitability of individuals and corporations, while fulfilling our social responsibility. The high-yield investments we are implementing provide safe, profitable and comfort to the investor as well as improve the environmental values.


To be the most trusted reference for investing in Turkey.


To open up Turkey`s investment opportunities to a global audience. To use our professionally and passion to inspire and empower to invest in their future.


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